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George Washington for Kids, His Life and Times [ages 9 and up. 130 pages. 50 images,
maps, places to visit, web sites, further reading, bibliography, index. Chicago Review Press. ISBN:

He loved the theater, gambling, and dancing, but possessed a fierce temper. He received little formal
schooling, but met life’s lessons head-on to become an innovative farmer, tinkerer, and problem solver. Tall
and athletic, he became a leader of men
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Benjamin Franklin - American Genius  [ages 9 and up. 125 pages. 21 activities. 60 illustrations, places to
visit, web sites, further reading, bibliography, index. Chicago Review Press. ISBN 9781556527579]

Benjamin Franklin arrived in Philadelphia in 1723 as a 17-year-old runaway. A charming, creative young man
not afraid of hard work, Franklin soon found a job at a local print shop, met the woman he’d eventually marry,
and attracted the attention of Pennsylvania’s governor. A decade later,
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Thomas Jefferson for Kids [Ages 9 and up, 132 pages, 21 activities, 60 illustrations, further reading and
web sites, places to visit, bibliography, index. Chicago Review Press. ISBN:9781569763483]

An architect, musician, statesman, farmer, dreamer and inventor, Thomas Jefferson had few equals among this
nation’s founders. Left fatherless at age fourteen, Jefferson was a hard-working scholar who came into his
own as a lawyer and county leader. Elected to the Virginia Assembly in 1769, ,
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Women of the Frontier  [Ages 12 and up. 246 pages, 40 photographs. Bibliography, source notes, index.
Chicago Review Press. ISBN: 978-1-883052-97-3]

Using journal entries and letters home, Miller lets the women speak for themselves in tales of courage, enduring
spirit and adventure. Women of the Frontier also recounts the impact pioneers had on those who already lived in
the west. As white settlers gobbled up the lands of Native Americans and people of Spanish descent, the clash of
cultures brought pain to many. The heart-rending stories of cousins Rachel Plummer and Cynthia Ann Parker,
captured by the Comanche, ended in very different ways
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Women of Colonial America,13 Stories of Courage and Survival in the New World  [Ages 12 and up. 236
pages,  Bibliography, source notes, index. Chicago Review Press. ISBN: 978-1556524875]

In colonial America, hard work proved a constant for most women - some ensured their family's survival through
their skills, while others sold their labor or lived in bondage as indentured servants or slaves. Yet even in a world
defined entirely by men, a world where few thought it important to record a female's thoughts, women found ways
to step forth. Elizabeth Ashbridge survived an abusive indenture to become a Quaker preacher. Anne Bradstreet
penned her poems while raising eight children in the wilderness.
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Robert E. Lee: The Man, The Soldier, The Myth [Ages 12 and up. 302 pages,  Bibliography, source notes,
index. Calkins Creek. ISBN: 978-1-62979-910-0]

Who exactly was Robert E. Lee, the famous confederate general? It's a complicated question and not an easy one
to answer. Lee
was a son, a soldier, a father and a husband, but he is also a myth and an icon - both hated and
revered as a symbol of the segregated South. Driven to excel by a scandal-ridden childhood, Lee served for
thirty-five years in the U.S Army corps of Engineers. But when the Civil War broke out, Lee resigned this
commission and fought for the South. Noted history writer Brandon Marie Miller unravels
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