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George Washington for Kids - His Life and Times
Activities based on Washington’s life and times include cut a silhouette, make his commander-in-chief flag, identify animal tracks, dance a Minuet,
cast a plaster life mask, and play a game of Whist, one of Washington’s favorite card games.

Reviews for George Washington for Kids

“…accessible and absorbing, clearly written, informative, and supported by numerous sidebars that round out the historical context. Washington is
portrayed as a man of depth and emotion…[an] excellent resource.”
School Library Journal

“...well-researched and very readable, with interesting photos and drawings.”

“Although most children’s biographies of Washington convey the facts of his life…this book offers a well-written account…spiced with many details
providing insight into his personality.”
George Washington for Kids, His Life and Times [ages 9 and up. 130
pages. 50 images, maps, places to visit, web sites, further reading,
bibliography, index. Chicago Review Press. ISBN: 9781556526558]
He loved the theater, gambling, and dancing, but possessed a fierce
temper. He received little formal schooling, but met life’s lessons
head-on to become an innovative farmer, tinkerer, and problem solver.
Tall and athletic, he became a leader of men, escaping death by mere
inches in more than one battle. He was an attentive step-father and
later, a doting grandfather. He fought for liberty and independence, yet
owned slaves, and in the end, freed them in his will. He defeated a king,
and when the new republic looked for a leader, George Washington, by
personal example, set the standard for a limited civilian presidency based
on the consent of the governed.

George Washington for Kids weaves a rich tapestry of a unique, complex
man who his fellow citizens turned to again and again, to lead them
through eight long years of war, to guide them as they wrote a new
constitution, and to act as the new nation’s first president.