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Teachers and Librarians Say
Program Reviews
"We had a great Right to Read Week, and your work with the
students was both fun and educational.  The older students
loved the vivid descriptions of frontier medicine... you adapted
the speeches to meet the interests of each grade level and our
teachers were very complimentary of that."
--- M. Wallace, Cincinnati OH

"Your image and revising lessons were right on what we've
been trying to get across, and I love how you presented it.  The
4, 5, 6 teachers said they thought the kids got a great deal from
your message to them..."
--- L. Dodd, Cincinnati OH

"My students learned so much from your program, and so did I!  
Very interesting and informative!  Excellent!"
--- L. Reynolds, Crescent Sprints, KY

"The time you took answering questions was so enlightening,
both to the students and to me. They felt very connected to you
and to the life of a writer.  We have begun a new writing project
and will be putting to use some of your suggestions.  The
students seem more eager to attack this new assignment."
--- M. Belsker/T. Ries, Villa Hills, KY

"Your visit has had quite an influence.  We teachers felt as if
you had worked with us for a long time.  The information and
inspiration you shared was not only valuable, but also directly in
line with what we want for our student."
B. Ruszkowski, New Castle, DE
Brandon shares a peek at Growing
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A research trip to Fort Necessity in
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