Robert E. Lee - The Man, The Soldier, The Myth

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2020 National Council of the Social Studies - Children's Book Council Notable Book.

2020 Bank Street College Best Children's Books of the Year.

Booklist (starred review)- ". . . i
lluminating biography . . . exceptionally readable. An excellant crossover for adult readers, as well."
Robert E. Lee: The Man, The Soldier, The Myth [Ages 12 and up. 302 pages,  Bibliography, source
notes, index. Calkins Creek. ISBN: 978-1-62979-910-0]

Who exactly was Robert E. Lee, the famous confederate general? It's a complicated question and not an
easy one to answer. Lee was a son, a soldier, a father and a husband, but he is also a myth and an icon -
both hated and revered as a symbol of the segregated South.

Driven to excel by a scandal-ridden childhood, Lee served for thirty-five years in the U.S Army corps of
Engineers. But when the Civil War broke out, Lee resigned this commission and fought for the South.
Noted history writer Brandon Marie Miller unravels how Lee came to this decision. After the war, stripped of
citizenship and home, Lee struggled to rebuild his life in a world he didn't want or recognize, a world where
people formerly enslaved were now free. Relying on extensive research, Miller offers a balanced portrait of
the complex Confederate general whose beliefs and actions remain a timely but controversial story.
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