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"The Real George Washington"
All ages 40 to 60 minutes, including question..

A self-made youth with little education, Washington became the indispensible man who overcame early
failures to lead the nation. He led a charmed life in battle—horses fell beneath him and bullets tugged his
coat. He loved to dance, gamble and attend the theater. Unanimously chosen for president, Washington
faced this challenge “much like a prisoner going to his execution.” Meet Washington at home, at war, and
at the center of building a new nation. Students can empathize with Washington’s uncomfortable false teeth
and stand at attention at Valley Forge to cheer the French alliance under Washington’s direct orders
"Women of the Old West"
All ages - 40 to 60 minutes, including questions

Through quotes from diaries and letters, women tell their stories about the dangerous journey west, creating a
home, the back-breaking work, the beauty and determination of building a new life. Many western women
found time to improve their lot by joining temperance and political causes, founding schools and libraries
and churches. And they did it all in restrictive layers of petticoats, corsets, hoop skirts and bustles! Also
mentioned are the lives of Hispanic and Native American women and how their world changed with the
onslaught of settlers.
"Growing up in Ohio: 1803"
All ages - 40 to 60 minutes, including questions

A look at childhood around the time Ohio became a state. Includes tales of family life, chores, schooling,
clothes, medicine and what people did for fun.
"Your Dutiful Child, Growing Up in the Colonial American"
All ages - 40 to 60 minutes, including questions

From the earliest days into the mid 1700s, what was it like growing up in this New World? How did
colonial parents view their babies and raise their children? Family life, the smells of animals, garbage
and unwashed clothing and bodies, the ever-present fear of disease that left children orphans, medical
treatments that seemed like torture, children’s clothing, chores, and schooling are all explored through
items like the New England Primer, a 17th century cure for sore throat, and letters between children and
"Why are They Wearing That?"
All ages - 40 to 60 minutes, including questions

Fashion has marked our place on the social ladder, showed us as rebels against society, reflected the
restricted role of women, and represented shifts in how people viewed children. What passed for fashion
over the last 4 hundred years? From starched neck ruffs to beaver felt hats, to hoops, bustles, bobbed
hair and the 1960s mod look, what story does fashion tell about our lives?
"Writing for Younger Audiences"
Grades 1 - 3 - 40 to 60 minutes, including questions

Together we create, improve and stretch our writing by calling on our senses, “juicy words,” and
the mind’s eye.  
"Writing Nonfiction"
Grades 4 and up - 40 to 60 minutes, including questions

Tips, ideas and examples shared for the journey through research, organizing information, writing and revision.
Brandon is available to give presentations at schools, libraries, clubs, and other organizations.  Her talks can be
geared toward adult audiences as well as children. Programs are centered around American History and writing,
and can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Fees are $800 for up to 3 programs per day, plus applicable traveling expenses. For school assemblies, students
should be grouped by grade levels. Teachers must be present. 100 students or less.

Contact Brandon
via email to enquire about availability, fee details or additional information.
All rights reserved by Brandon Marie Miller
"Question and Answer Time!"
Grades 3 and up - 40 to 60 minutes

It seems there is never enough time to answer all the wonderful questions students have at the end of a presentation.
Why not do the full time with questions and answers? Students can look at my books, prep and brainstorm questions
prior to my visit. On the day of the visit, I’ll share answers about writing, publishing, history are who knows what else!
I’ll bring props and information and a good time will be had by all!
"Writing Robert E. Lee"
Grades 5 and up- 40 to 60 minutes, including questions

The true story, and ups and downs, of years spent writing about a controversial figure. How does an author present an
idea to an editor? How does she do historical research and find primary sources? Includes insights into revising with an
editors comments-- the truth behind the glamorous job of being a writer!