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Thomas Jefferson for Kids - His Life and Times
buried him in debt. Through Jefferson’s writings, and hands-on activities based on his life and interests, Brandon Marie Miller captures the complexity
of this brilliant leader. Activities include Design a Palladian Window, Grow a Plant From a Cutting, Dance a Reel, Play a Word Game described by
one of Jefferson’s great-granddaughters, Make Fresh Grape Juice, Build A Model of the Solar System and Observe the Weather according to
Jefferson’s own instructions to James Madison.

Reviews for Thomas Jefferson for Kids

“Altogether admirable. Brandon Marie Miller has written a concise, graceful, and accessible biography that carries lightly an astonishing amount of
information and insight. This book is illuminating and brimming with respect for its subject and its readers. The activities are well-chosen to give
young readers a sense of what Thomas Jefferson’s world was like. Highly, and delightedly, recommended.”  ---------R.B. Bernstein, distinguished
adjunct professor of law, New York Law School, and author of
Thomas Jefferson and The Founding Fathers Reconsidered.

“In lucid prose, the author gives a thorough account of the achievements for which Jefferson is most famous. The well-chosen activities are age
appropriate, relate directly to the text, and offer a range of options. Miller’s book is a good choice for those looking for an honest appraisal of the
School Library Journal, October 2011.

“Miller’s well-researched biography of Jefferson does quite a good job of describing his formative years, setting later events in their historical
context, and acknowledging the complex personal and political challenges the man faced. A balanced, informative account of Jefferson’s life.”
Booklist Online, September 21, 2011.

“The volume offers the chance to delve into Jefferson’s life and be inspired by the range of his interests.” Kirkus Reviews, July 2011
“…a great introduction to early American politics, society and colonial times…
Thomas Jefferson for Kids should quickly become a favorite
home or classroom resource.” Creators Syndicate..
Thomas Jefferson for Kids, His Life and Times [ages 9 and up. 21
activities. 132 pages. 60 illustrations, further reading and web sites, places
to visit, bibliography, index. Chicago Review Press.
ISBN: 9781569763483]

An architect, musician, statesman, farmer, dreamer and inventor, Thomas
Jefferson had few equals among this nation’s founders. Left fatherless at
age fourteen, Jefferson was a hard-working scholar who came into his
own as a lawyer and county leader. Elected to the Virginia Assembly in
1769, Jefferson failed as a public speaker, but his eloquent pen and agile
mind ripped the colonial policies of Great Britain and King George III. His
talents made him the perfect candidate to write the Declaration of
Independence, which set the new United States apart in a world ruled by

Jefferson was a man of contradictions. He penned the immortal phrase
“all men are created equal” but during his lifetime owned 600 enslaved
people. He scorned aristocrats and kings, yet lived a life of luxury that
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